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Urban logistics

November 2019

Agence pour l’Environnement et la Maîtrise de l’Energie (ADEME)

The 20 factsheets in the collection « demain MON TERRITOIRE » have been designed to give candidates and elected officials practical keys to take action, to open up the field of possibilities based on the experiences of other elected officials, from small towns to conurbations, large urban areas or sparsely populated areas. In the four corners of France, both in metropolitan France and in the French Overseas Territories, many of them are taking action, together with the players in their territories, to prepare for the future by taking action to mitigate climate change and adapt to its effects. With its knowledge and presence throughout the country, ADEME supports them with its tools, activities and financial aid.

Why is it important to improve the transportation of goods in my territory?

Whether delivering to businesses or private individuals, delivery has become a central element in the organisation of transport. A source of ease and time saving for private individuals or synonymous with space saving for shopkeepers who can reduce stocks, it contributes to the dynamism and vitality of my territory but also has important negative consequences: air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel consumption, noise, accidents, street congestion, etc. The development of new modes of consumption, particularly e-commerce, leads to an inflation of the flow of goods, and therefore of transport. We need to rethink this central activity in the heart of a city, reduce its impact on the environment and health, and improve the living environment of city dwellers. Because they can propose a different regulatory framework for traffic in cities and support the creation of appropriate logistics infrastructure, municipalities must take up the issue of deliveries.

How do you do it?

A charter to take your first steps in sustainable urban logistics

The national framework for voluntary charters for sustainable urban logistics is piloted by ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition. The charter is a methodology, supplemented by a « toolbox » for local authorities. The approach enables them to support them in the construction of a programme of actions to organise the mobility of goods on their territory.