Multimodal freight exchange


Cross-border cooperation is a partnership between private or public players, separated by a State border, whose actions have repercussions at regional and local level on either side of the border. Within the European area, 360° mobility across the border, the projects and policies that accompany this mobility in territories close to the border, and the progressive cross-border integration that this cooperation builds and gives rise to cross-border territories, characterise different experiences. To illustrate the results of more than 20 years of cooperation within the Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière (MOT), 20 unique experiments conducted by MOT members for the benefit of the inhabitants of cross-border territories have been highlighted in various fields: here we address the issue of economic development through the example of the carib-inter. com freight exchange, initiated by the GAT Caribbean Logistics and Transport Cluster, an association set up in December 2012 to bring together all private and public economic players with a view to optimising transport flows and logistics activities in the Greater Caribbean.

The GAT Caribbean Cluster is a group of leading companies in the transport and logistics sector in Martinique, created in 2012. Its mission is to bring together transport and logistics companies operating in the America-Caribbean region. The aim of this travel exchange is to facilitate and develop trade within the zone. This tool is aimed at producers, distributors, transport and logistics professionals and the general public. It enables them to transport a wide range of goods, including humanitarian freight and personal effects. Its geographical scope covers all trade in the Caribbean basin, as well as trade on the major international routes crossing the Caribbean zone.

The French West Indies (Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Martin, etc.) and French Guiana are part of the European Union, but are also part of the Caribbean geographical area. The GAT Caribbean Cluster, a key player in the field of transport and logistics in the Caribbean, set up a multimodal freight exchange in 2015 ( to organise the transport of goods in the Greater Caribbean. By centralising transport supply and demand, this exchange aims to facilitate intra-Caribbean links for the exchange of goods, thereby contributing to the development of Caribbean cross-border trade.

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