Mobility for all

May 2023

Agence nationale de la cohésion des territoires (ANCT)

The aim of the « Mobilité Solidaire » concept is to meet the occasional travel needs of local residents. The Familles Rurales Châtenois association wanted to work with the population of the Communauté de Communes de l’Ouest Vosgien to offer a mobility service based on solidarity.

The project

The Communauté de Communes de l’Ouest Vosgien is located in the north-west of the Vosges department and covers an area of 728 km2. The population of this rural area is ageing, and there is a strong need to help seniors remain independent, by limiting isolation and maintaining social links and access to public services. Mobility and geographical isolation are two obstacles that need to be overcome in this rural context.

This is why the Familles Rurales Châtenois association has set up the Mobilité Solidaire project in 2021 to help people living in the Communauté de Communes de l’Ouest Vosgien area. The aim of the association is to help people fulfil their potential, promote families and develop their living environment. It acts in a permanent spirit of openness and welcome to all, in particular by integrating all generations. Calling on the participation, solidarity, responsibility and commitment of local residents, the association aims to promote an environment that is favourable to them.

In a rural area, it is difficult to provide travel solutions adapted to the multitude of needs, both in terms of destination and timetable.

Meeting mobility needs in rural areas helps to promote the social inclusion of vulnerable people. Going to the doctor, doing the shopping, leaving the house to visit a relative, accessing the law, going to a job interview can become an obstacle course when you have to find a solution to travel several kilometres away.

A flexible solution

Accompanied, on-demand transport » seemed more likely to meet the needs of the population, and we had to think about an innovative, flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution, both for the user and for the local authority and its financial partners.

Partners :

Financial partners: CCOV/ CARSAT/CPAM/Fondation RTE/Région Grand Est/OCIRP/Conseil Départemental Vosges/Fondation Bruneau.

Technical partners: CCOV and Fédération Départementale Familles Rurales 88 and 54.

As subsidies are allocated each year by our partners through calls for projects, the annual amounts of support are not fixed.

In addition, subsidies are requested on the basis of the number of kilometres travelled in a year and the number of beneficiaries.



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