Centre-Val de Loire: Oxygène Network, the Lab’ of transitions

Regional participatory scheme on ecological transition


Régions de France

Régions de France publishes the first collection of participatory mechanisms undertaken by the Regions in favour of the ecological transition. After the publication of the green budget methodology and the survey on the Regions’ innovative actions for the ecological transition, this new collection illustrates how the Regions bring out projects by involving and associating stakeholders, especially citizens, so that they are the carriers and actors of change and thus make transitions a success. Here is an example from the Centre-Val de Loire region

To download : cvl-reseau-oxygene-le-lab-des-transitions.pdf (250 KiB)


The Oxygène Network is a network for regional actors in territorial development (organised actors such as CLs, academics, associations, urban planning agencies, citizens’ groups, etc.), with a common thread of systemic territorial transition approaches since 2020. It is aimed at all the territories of the Region.


The stakeholders

Methods of implementation

The Network is steered by the Regional Council and can rely on a support committee made up of regional networks, experts, regional structures and territories, which relay its activities and feed the reflections around these activities (e.g. content of events).

These activities contribute to reinforce the increase in competences of the territorial engineering, around various formats: meetings of the regional actors allowing to apprehend new stakes, thematic workshops presenting feedbacks around projects leveraging on transitions, territorial workshops, sharing of resources and news…


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