Relational Atlas

The relational atlas is a tool whose objective is to help realise the potential of the territory, to help open up the different professional communities and, in essence, to help manage this complexity of relationships.



To manage a territory is to manage complexity, and managing complexity is not only a question of intelligence and experience. It is true that we often have well-established municipal teams, competent administrative and technical services, used to dealing with their field. On the surface, that may be enough...

Territorial governance means managing a complex system and that’s why you have to build roads to find your way around it. But these paths call for rigour and methods.

The relational atlas is both a tool and a method that revolves around a simple idea: to manage relationships, to be able to show them, to name them, to designate them.

Discover the relational atlas

5 online courses are available to discover the atlas, from its conception to its implementation (in French) :


You can directly access the relational atlas here