Distance Learning - MOOC

CITEGO is committed to contributing to the emergence of approaches supported by a diversity of training actors. Rather than orienting and piloting a specific training action, CITEGO wishes to support interested actors in the development of projects specific to their educational positions and their territories.

The types of training possible include action training, communities of practice, study-action, etc. in addition to MOOC/CLOM.

Particular attention is paid to the situationalization of future and young professionals to enable them to develop as soon as possible their capacity to mobilize knowledge in practical situations and reflexivity. CITEGO proposes an accompaniment of the knowledge in the process of being acquired, which differs from the usual "transmission" situations.

MOOC’s achievements are part of the development of the digital training offer of the Centre National de la Fonction Publique Publique Territoriale (CNFPT).

These are carried out more particularly with the INSET of Dunkirk, one of the 5 National Institutes of Territorial Studies of the CNFPT, which are responsible for developing training courses for A-level executives. The INSET of Dunkirk is responsible for policies on regional planning and sustainable development.

For each of the sessions, CITEGO identified the speakers, the resources already existing and coordinated the intellectual contributions of the speakers.