Our values

CITEGO simultaneously offers a resources site, a tool and a method. CITEGO is also an ethic of sharing. That’s why CITEGO adheres to the values of:

  • sharing
    It its work to pool resources, CITEGO includes the reflections of diverse actors - practitioners, political leaders, committed citizens, students, teachers, journalists, researchers - and seeks to create dialogue amongst them.
    CITEGO facilitates the comparison of experience and its transformation into lessons learned, to encourage reflexivity and transmission.
    All authors accept the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  • pluralism
    Actors look at the same reality differently as a result of their position in society, cultural traditions, political choices, position of power, angle of approach and areas of knowledge mobilised. On CITEGO, one can find approaches based on political sciences as well as on technical analyses. One can also learn about the experiences of diverse actors: professionals, institutions, citizens’ groups, etc.