Facilitating sustainable mobility as part of the regional project

octubre 2021

Agence nationale de la cohésion des territoires (ANCT)

As part of the process of drawing up its Schéma de Cohérence Territoriale (SCoT), the Communauté de Communes du Grand Pic Saint-Loup has also produced a Schéma Global des Déplacements (Global Mobility Plan) in order to refine the issue of mobility in the area. Dealing with this issue is part of an innovative, cross-disciplinary approach.

The project

In the Grand Pic Saint Loup, mobility initiatives are part of the wider framework of the EPCI’s current territorial project, which is itself a continuation of the previous project, which already identified mobility as a central strategic objective. When the community councillors were working on the 2020-2026 project, mobility was the third area identified as a priority, after economic development and waste management.

The communauté de communes is an area with a high level of car ownership, with almost 90% of commuters using private vehicles to get to work, and two-thirds of the working population working outside its borders. Public transport services are not sufficiently frequent to compensate for this, and traffic jams are common at peak times on the motorway linking Montpellier.

However, dealing with the issue of mobility is part of a cross-cutting approach, concentrated in the following ambitions:

The local authority has chosen to work on an experimental basis with a focus on usage. Various initiatives have been put in place to take action on :

The rationale behind the project is to provide services to the region at multiple levels: inter-urban (to and from Montpellier), community and local.

Finally, new-use hubs are being set up across the region to encourage multimodality. They offer a range of solutions: car-sharing, car-pooling, secure bicycle parking, public transport stops and electrically-assisted bicycles.


Specific features


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