Public transportation and freight transport


Conseil National des Transports (CNT)

This sub-dossier was created by Régis Rioufol, who selected and reviewed information in the report ‘One road for everyone - safety and coexistence on roads above and beyond use conflicts’ (Une Voirie pour Tous – Sécurité et cohabitation sur la voie publique au-delà des conflits d’usage) published by the CNT and La Documentation Française in 2005, and adapted it to the CITEGO dossier format. It presents issues related to road sharing by different transportation modes and for different uses.

First, information sheets on freight transport present the challenges of supply to urban areas that are associated with road sharing above and beyond use conflicts. The example of Paris sheds light on solutions that combine approaches based on the public space, logistics and each neighbourhood.

Public transportation, however, is a basic service for all, and urban policies should be based on it. Sharing and coexistence on roads, intermodality and trans-modality, public transportation service levels and efficiency are the key issues addressed in this sub-dossier. Many examples in France and from across the world illustrate these new innovative concepts.

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