Towards a fairer sharing of roads and public spaces

Édition du dossier: Régis Rioufol, 2005

Conseil National des Transports (CNT)

his sub-dossier was created by Régis Rioufol, who selected and reviewed information in the report ‘One road for everyone - safety and coexistence on roads above and beyond use conflicts’ (Une Voirie pour Tous – Sécurité et cohabitation sur la voie publique au-delà des conflits d’usage)published by the CNT and La Documentation Française in 2005, and adapted it to the CITEGO dossier format.

It includes 3 types of information sheets. First, a methodological, systemic approach for a different analysis of how public space is developed (from the diagnostic up until the creation and collective appropriation of a public space) and a dysfunction- and conflict-based approach to analysing public spaces and their multiple uses.

Then come presentations of reports, conferences and working papers on sharing streets and the public space, safety issues and the prevention of conflicts of use, the accessibility of streets to all types of users, technological advances in transport management, the redistribution of space and resources amongst the various travel modes, and the construction of a more sweeping doctrine on roads and the public space…

Finally, feedback sheets address the issue of sharing the road in a concrete manner, with examples in Belgium, the Urban Community of Dunkerque, Paris and Greater Lyon.

This dossier is not available in English. Please contact us if you want to help us translate part of our contents.

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