Towards the revitalisation of the Tulle Agglomération employment area

Assisting and supporting players in the industrial and agri-food sectors

April 2021

Agence nationale de la cohésion des territoires (ANCT)

In the Tulle employment area, aIn order to encourage an economic dynamic and to meet the expectations of economic players as closely as possible, innovative local solutions have been planned: housing solutions, third-party premises, intergenerational training and living facilities, studies (on the potential for an employers’ group, for example), actions to network and promote trades or sectors, and other actions are being developed on the basis of the Territorial Jobs and Skills Forward Planning (GPECT) approach. Consultation and experimentation are at the heart of the methodology deployed.

At the heart of the Corrèze in the New Aquitaine region, the Tulle Conurbation Community is made up of a central town, Tulle, and 42 other rural communes. This region of 45,000 inhabitants, which has been affected by a number of crises, has a number of assets, including its living environment, good accessibility and well-established industrial sites.

The project

Following the announcement of the closure of the Borg Warner car parts factory, the area’s leading industrial company and its economic lifeblood, the Tulle Conurbation Community asked the ANCT to help economic players revitalise the area.

To meet the needs of the community, on a site with significant potential covering an area of 15,000m2 on a 55,000m2 plot of land, the ANCT has made a twofold commitment:

Our support

The ANCT financed a €166,000 study as part of the agency’s engineering contract, 100% of which was paid for as part of the Territoires d’Industrie programme’s rebound package. As part of the France 2030 plan, the Industrial Rebound scheme launched on 1 August 2022 aims to support around forty industrial territories facing changes in the transport sector, particularly in the automotive sector, between now and 2026.



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