Energy Cities proposition 24 - Give public visibility to motivated players and citizens

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Energy Cities

Energy Cities is a network of more than 1,000 cities in 30 different countries. Convinced that energy transition is more than a question of renewable energy or advanced technologies, Energy Cities proposes to use resources in a reasoned way, to strengthen local participation and to improve the quality of life in a democratic Europe. In 2014, the network presents 30 proposals for the Energy Transition of Territories.

They are a source of inspiration to think and act differently. To finally turn the page on unsustainable practices that lead us into energy, climate and perhaps economic and social dead ends.

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Energy Cities proposition 24 - Give public visibility to motivated players and citizens

The problem at hand

Everybody has to contribute to fighting climate change and promoting energy transition in proportion to their responsibilities. “Alone, I will achieve nothing! I agree to act, but only if others are involved too” is a common, and legitimate, reaction.

Many initiatives taking place throughout the territories are often ignored. They are led by citizens, households, entrepreneurs and administrations who do not know one another and whose efforts are not recognised. These “motivated” people are, however, showing the way towards a low energy city and a high quality of life for all.

They are open and generous. They, their actions and their results need to be given more visibility. Everybody should be proud of them and be invited to join the movement.


Draw up a list, communicate on, and publicly acknowledge public, private and associative players who carry out retrofitting works in their buildings, change their mode of transport, buy local products, offer renewable energy or energy services, install solar units or invent new lifestyles.

This initiative must come from the local authority, even though its implementation can be entrusted to an energy agency or an association. It is a perfect opportunity for stimulating creativity and engaging the population in an attractive and optimistic way!

Conditions for success


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