Energy Cities proposition 26 - Make arts and culture part of the energy transition process

Inventing new local governance


Energy Cities

Energy Cities is a network of more than 1,000 cities in 30 different countries. Convinced that energy transition is more than a question of renewable energy or advanced technologies, Energy Cities proposes to use resources in a reasoned way, to strengthen local participation and to improve the quality of life in a democratic Europe. In 2014, the network presents 30 proposals for the Energy Transition of Territories.

They are a source of inspiration to think and act differently. To finally turn the page on unsustainable practices that lead us into energy, climate and perhaps economic and social dead ends.

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Energy Cities proposition 26 - Make arts and culture part of the energy transition process

The problem at hand

Energy has long been considered a technical issue,a matter for specialists! This time is over. The energy and climate issue is about the way we move around, eat, conceive the city and live. It implies a conception of the world, of the relations between countries, of justice and of the balance of the ecosystems.

Energy echoes our Western development model, which reached a stalemate when the rest of the world started imitating it. It is a societal issue. From local to global, we need to imagine again and again the energy civilisation of the 21st century.

It is not therefore surprising that the world of Culture is starting, albeit timidly, to seek to get on board. Are there any change, transgression and imagination tools better than art and culture? Culture can help us modify our representations of reality. Reality is changing and we have to accompany and anticipate this change in our representations.


Making arts and culture part of the energy transition process means letting artists, comedians, photographers and film directors have their say.

It means encouraging creative and artistic activities that will free our imagination and help us invent tomorrow. It means contributing to making energy a matter for the whole society in all its aspects. This is actually a cultural issue!

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