MOOC - Conditions for the success of the circular economy

The videos in this dossier, taken from the MOOC UVED Circular Economy & Innovation, aim to provide reference elements in relation to the following question: Which actors and which conditions are needed to successfully make the transition to a circular economy?

This first poses the question of what kind of circular economy we want, before exploring the political, economic and technological dimensions of the transition. It ends with a general overview of the organisational principles to be implemented within territories to achieve this.

Under the dual scientific responsibility of Jean-Claude Lévy and Vincent Aurez, both experts at the Institut National de l’Économie Circulaire, this dossier also involves Béatrice Bellini (Université Paris Nanterre), Dominique Bourg (Université de Lausanne), Alain Geldron (Ademe) and Romain Ferrari (Fondation 2019).

(The videos are only available in French)

This course consists of 4 parts:

1 : Contextualization of the circular economy by Dominique Bourg (University of Lausanne)

2 : Cadrage de l’économie circulaire by Sabine Barles (Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne) and François Grosse (ForCity)

3 : Implementing the circular economy by Béatrice Bellini (Université Paris Nanterre), Sandrine Gombert-Courvoisier (ENSEGID - Bordeaux INP), Frédérique Vincent (Institut Mines Telecom) and with the participation of Vincent Aurez (Institut National de l’Économie Circulaire), Eric Buffo (SMICVAL), Eric Fromant (SEFIOR) and Alain Geldron (Ademe)

4 : The conditions for the success of the circular economy by Vincent Aurez and Jean-Claude Lévy (Institut National de l’Économie Circulaire), with the participation of Béatrice Bellini (Université Paris Nanterre), Dominique Bourg (Université de Lausanne), Romain Ferrari (Fondation 2019), Alain Geldron (Ademe)

All of these sessions are available here