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Urban mobility

November 2019

Agence pour l’Environnement et la Maîtrise de l’Energie (ADEME)

The 20 factsheets in the collection « demain MON TERRITOIRE » have been designed to give candidates and elected officials practical keys to take action, to open up the field of possibilities based on the experiences of other elected officials, from small towns to conurbations, large urban areas or sparsely populated areas. In the four corners of France, both in metropolitan France and in the French Overseas Territories, many of them are taking action, together with the players in their territories, to prepare for the future by taking action to mitigate climate change and adapt to its effects. With its knowledge and presence throughout the country, ADEME supports them with its tools, activities and financial aid.

Why is moving differently important?

Traffic jams, noise, pollution… Rethinking travel in urban areas is an emergency. It’s a challenge because we need to change collective and individual habits. Alternatives to the « all-car » contribute to enhancing the image of a community, saving money and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. They must be attractive and efficient, safe and accessible to all, adapted to everyone - young or old, modest or well-off people.

How do you do it?


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30 minutes of walking or cycling per day reduces the risk of diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer) by 30%. Sce: Public Health France